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The Rhythmic Arts Project

At IMAGINE, we provide extensive multisensory opportunities to develop the cognitive connections and sensory integration that children need to build the foundation for learning in all areas of development.

Our program works in conjunction with the ground-breaking techniques of The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) program. An example of these opportunities is the use of TRAP. We encourage you to read the inspiring history of this innovative and powerful learning experience for children at IMAGINE.

The TRAP program has been successful in addressing cognitive, emotional, and physical disabilities as well as stimulation of important cognitive, musical, and social skills in early learners. The program combines visual, tactile, auditory, and speaking skills to stimulate and enhance focus, memory, socialization, sequencing, non-verbal communication, motor control, spatial awareness, and communication.

TRAP lessons are designed for various ability levels to promote the development of number sense, color recognition, sequencing, arithmetic, reading, writing, geometry, and much more. 

In keeping with the IMAGINE philosophy, our TRAP program occurs in an environment that is supportive, cooperative, and fun, where students naturally develop confidence and a positive self-image. 

We believe all students are unique so, regardless of their ability level, children are encouraged to actively participate in TRAP, including modeling and helping their classmates.  The program is highly adaptive to facilitate participation for all students. 

Eddie in action with young learners
Eddie in action with young learners

History of TRAP

The TRAP program was developed by professional percussionist Eddie Tuduri. Over the course of a career of more than 40 years, Eddie has worked with world-famous artists such as The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, Dr. John, Ike Turner, and many others.

In 1997 Eddie miraculously survived a very serious surfing accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.


During a long process of rehabilitation, Eddie asked a friend for a pair of drumsticks and a couple of percussion toys. His first movements were tapping the frame of his hospital bed. Other patients began to join him in treating their illness with the joy of rhythm. Eddie began to see music at a whole new level beyond his experience as a professional musician, he saw it as a means of healing, of overcoming trauma. 

As he improved, Eddie moved his new appreciation for music from the hospital to drum circles with occupational therapists focused on regenerating nerves, attention span, and memory in patients. The program grew and soon he was presenting his work at conferences across the USA. Eddie was then introduced to children with developmental challenges and learned how drums and percussion could be used to help these children. This led to him developing TRAP - The Rhythmic Arts Project designed to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and early childhood students to stimulate reading, spelling, counting, and life skills in schools and disability centers in the USA, Canada, Ecuador, and Australia. 

The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) includes hundreds of lessons compiled over nearly 22 years with therapists, doctors, teachers, administrators, and experts in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

At IMAGINE, we are proud to have teachers trained in the TRAP methodology. TRAP makes learning fun! We are also proud to support Eddie’s fine work with sharing this powerful program with children and adults around the world, making the world a bit better for others one beat at a time.




At IMAGINE, we are dedicated to living a present and building a future with you, and for you.

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