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Welcome to Imagine


At IMAGINE, we are committed to the well-being, development, and holistic growth of every human being. We believe that people learn best within an environment, carefully structured to encourage observation, interaction, and curiosity about oneself, one’s environment and the world we share.

Our goal is to provide every member of our learning community with the care, appreciation, and opportunity to realize endless possibilities for growth and learning. Realizing these opportunities is a journey, and it begins with celebrating the uniqueness of each learner and building upon the meaningful experiences that shape her/his life.

A learning journey at IMAGINE also involves equipping learners with tools and experiences that allow each individual to begin to make sense of his/her environment and care for the world around us.





At IMAGINE, we embrace, celebrate, and learn from all aspects of diversity within our learning community. We value the differences among us; they make our world more interesting and enrich learning experiences throughout our community.



IMAGINE cares for our environment, we help our children learn to appreciate our resources and use them wisely. We teach our children about our responsibility to each other and to the world we share.



At IMAGINE, we care for the well-being of all who are part of our learning community: children, families, and teachers.  We take care and support each other and celebrate our achievements. Our entire program is built around invitations - opportunities presented to our children to follow their curiosities, learn from each together, and develop their identities as learners, friends, and unique individuals.



We help our children build confidence and learn to trust themselves and those who care for them. Together, we help all members of our community to value and learn from the important moments in their life (facing challenges, taking responsibility, overcoming obstacles, and discovering the best in themselves...). Our care and appreciation for each other facilitate individual and collective transformation.

Our Virtual Education Program


In recognition of the challenges COVID presents schools like IMAGINE as well as steps we must all take to ensure the safety of our children, we have redesigned our model and are committed to meeting the needs of our students, their families and the community as a whole.

With this in mind, we have created Options For You - the program through which we aim to educate our students and build community through an online learning model. Consistent with the care we have for the environment, Options For You requires minimal supplies - solely those that one can easily find at home. The program is adaptable and encourages creativity and flexibility at all times.

IMAGINE’s Options For You program thoughtfully employs computers and the internet through  which to facilitate interaction and maintain social and emotional relationships with children. It allows families to choose the option that suits their needs and encourages all of us to find a healthy balance between “screen time” and other learning opportunities.

What we do?


We are dedicated to living a present and building a future with you and for you.

Families may apply to IMAGINE throughout the school year.

IMAGINE  and Academia Cotopaxi continues to serve students online and care for our community, even as we plan and prepare to open our campus to families, once safe to do so.

For information about our programs, contact us at

Please register your child’s information  H E R E  in case you are interested in being part of our community now or in the future. 


Why Choose Us?

Respect and Collaboration
Home-school partnership
Differentiated Education
Emergent curriculum


At IMAGINE, we are dedicated to living a present and building a future with you, and for you.