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Thank you for your interest in IMAGINE. We are the Cotopaxi Academy's preschool that serves children from 12 months of age. For us, each child is a wonderful gift and we care for them with great dedication and respect. IMAGINE is a very special place where every child is appreciated and valued for who they are. It is a place where families are part of the learning process and where we enjoy every step of our students. We hope you can join our community and share with your family the IMAGINE experience. 

If you are interested in our program please register your information  H E R E  so we can reserve a space for you for the next school year. 

At the moment, we can offer the “Options for You” program that we have designed to continue early childhood learning and development. This program provides appropriate support to families during this time.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns you may have.  If you would like a phone call or a virtual meeting to learn more about Options for You, we will be happy to assist you.


At IMAGINE, we are dedicated to living a present and building a future with you, and for you.