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IMAGINE opens its doors to children from 12 months of age in the Infants class. We honor and meet each child’s and family’s needs through developmentally appropriate practices.

Our methodology is centered on the child as the protagonist of her or his own learning.  Our students’ interests guide our curriculum.  We respect each child’s individual pace and design personalized learning invitations for all.  We believe in a holistic approach founded on our five pillars:

  • The Child
  • The Community
  • The Environment
  • Learning and Teaching 
  • Pedagogical Documentation

A consistent environment and the accompaniment of their teachers help our children create,  understand and follow agreements that will contribute to their safety and well-being and that of others.

We constantly seek to empower our students to be responsible, autonomous and happy.

We model, we establish clear limits, we understand and prioritize their feelings and learn to problem solve with love and empathy.


We are a group of human beings who educate from the heart. We are skilled professionals who design personalized education to promote our students’ development in a free, flexible and holistic way.

We believe that the emotional, social and physical development that takes place during the  early years has a powerful impact on a child’s  holistic development. 

We know that our work is more effective and long-lasting when we partner with our students’ families.

We have two campuses, one in Quito at Academia Cotopaxi and another in the Cumbayá Valley. Both campuses provide our children with a safe environment, large and inspiring spaces and invitations for our students to learn individually and in groups. These spaces encourage and  respect our students’ rhythm and autonomy.

A professional, knowledgeable and caring medical team supports the safety and preventive care  of our students. The Quito campus counts on the Academia Cotopaxi medical team; the Valley campus has its own medical team. The medical facilities are stocked with all the necessary equipment to meet the immediate needs of our students and the entire community while at school.

We have a carefully designed adaptation process that responds to each student’s needs and personality. Because changes may pose challenges, especially for young children, we support, accompany and help them to adapt to IMAGINE in the best possible way.

The first step in the transition to IMAGINE begins with a home visit, where teachers meet each student and family in their home environment.  The calmness and trust that permeates this first encounter conveys the message to the child that IMAGINE as a safe place.

Following the home visit, students visit their classroom with their parents on the first day of school.  They are welcomed with love and invited to explore the classroom environment in the company of their parents.  

From the start and always, our team provides support and reassurance to each family while expecting intelligence from the children who consistently surprise us.

Yes. The diaper change process is handled with care and following appropriate sanitary measures. When a child is ready, our team will support and accompany the potty training process, showing respect and appreciation for each child’s individual pace.


At IMAGINE, we are dedicated to living a present and building a future with you, and for you.

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