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Frequently Asked Questions about next year

2023 - 2024

We are working to offer our students an on-campus modality from the beginning of the new school year. Along with this purpose, our program will be aligned with the dispositions of the Ministry of Education of Ecuador and the National COE, to safeguard the well-being of our entire community.

Yes. Transitioning back to campus is an important process that requires the participation and support of our entire community. The process will include:

  • On-campus orientation and professional work for teachers and administrative staff
  • Campus tours for families to experience the procedures and protocols
  • Progressive attendance to support our students’ transition and adaptation, focused on their emotional well-being. Our students will receive personalized instruction on Health and Safety Protocols.

Our students’ emotional development and well-being are a priority.  Given that, at this early age, children often seek help from adults to regulate their emotions, our staff will provide emotional support and contention through connection and physical contact whenever necessary.  

The first weeks at IMAGINE will be focused on our students’ adaptation process, where both children and their families will receive support, guidance, and information.


Each class will work as a pod. A pod is a group of peers and educators with whom a student interacts while at IMAGINE, without having any contact with members of another pod.

Learning will occur naturally, guided by the teachers of each class, promoting social distancing and biosafety protocols.

Each space in the class is designed to limit the number of children in each activity as well as the use of shared material. At the beginning of the school year, IMAGINE will provide a personal kit of materials for each student, to prevent the exchange of individual items.

The number of students per class will be determined according to age groups, physical space, and safety regulations.

  • Infant classes: 6 - 8 students + 2 adults

  • Nursery classes: 8 - 10 students + 2 adults

  • Toddler classes: 9 - 12 students + 2 adults

  • Multi-age classes: 12 - 14 students + 2 adults

The use of a mask is mandatory for adults.  These must be properly placed, covering the nose and mouth. All IMAGINE staff will always wear masks on campus.

For students, the mandatory use of masks begins at age 3. According to several studies and consultations with pediatricians, children under 3 years of age should not wear masks. For this age, it is advisable to wear visors that cover most of their face including the neck. This also helps prevent them from touching their face.

  • Anyone who has not filled out a Self-Declaration Health Form and activated a QR code (electronic card provided by IMAGINE) will not be allowed to enter the campus.

  • In order to be admitted, every person must go through temperature control. Entry will be restricted to anyone with symptoms.

  • Anyone who shows symptoms on campus will be referred to a special and isolated medical office that was built specifically for this purpose. Later, this person will be sent home for medical follow-up.

  • Anyone sent home due to symptoms will need to isolate themselves and must show medical tests to make sure they are free of COVID-19, before returning to campus.

  • If a person has been in direct contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that they stay home for at least 7 days for observation. If symptoms show, they will need medical consultation and a PCR test, total isolation, and treatment.

  • If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at IMAGINE, the information and follow-up protocol will be activated. Families of students who may have been in contact with the patient with COVID-19 symptoms will be informed. Depending on the nature of the contact, the duration, and the status of the suspected case, families may be required to quarantine. In addition, they must be tested for COVID-19 before returning to school.

  • If a student or staff member is infected or has had close contact with an infected person, the “epidemiological circle” will be determined and informed. This circle will include the people who were in contact with the individual inside and/or outside the school. If the infected person has had several or an unknown number of contacts within the campus, it is possible that the campus will be closed as a preventive measure. According to Ministry guidelines, the campus can be kept open if the "epidemiological circle" of the student or staff member with whom they have been in contact is limited to the people who may be required to follow the protocols self-assessment, home isolation, and follow-up tests.

Initially, we will not provide this service. With the intention of maintaining and protecting the learning pods at all times, each family will be in charge of their child's transportation. This decision will be periodically evaluated based on the evolution of COVID-19, prioritizing the health of our students and their families.

Each pod will use the outdoor spaces based on a rotating schedule unique to each class. The teachers will facilitate activities and play, avoiding contact games. The sandbox will be replaced by a covered green area.

IMAGINE will have the necessary signage to identify cleaning and disinfection areas, circulation flow, and expectations of social distancing.

The children will have snacks in small groups, within their pods, in open, ventilated spaces, and with due distance. Each child will bring their snack from home in a lunch box.

Lunch boxes will be safely sanitized and left outside the classroom until snack time. Food that does not require heating or further handling should be sent in containers with a lid.

Parents will be asked to send a thermos with water since the juices ferment quickly. This reduces the risk of contamination and manipulating glasses in the classroom.

Children will remove the mask with the help of the adult and place it in an assigned spot, inside a sealed bag. Students will wash their hands before and after consuming food.  After finishing their snack, they will put on the mask with the help of the adult, to continue their activities.

Circulation of fresh air inside classrooms is ensured. Most windows and doors will remain open throughout the day. Students can wear jackets or sweaters in class if they feel the need to warm up a little more.

Additionally, we will use covered outdoor spaces, consistently throughout the day, on a rotating basis, and exclusive schedule.

One of the teachers will be in charge of the diaper change. This procedure is done in an assigned area within ​​each classroom’s bathroom.  The area will be disinfected after each change, with a 5-minute interval between each use.   Students and adults will wash hands and apply alcohol/gel after diaper changes or bathroom use. 

The disinfectant will be used in the environment after the child uses the bathroom or has changed a diaper. 

Diaper disposal and collection are handled throughout the day by our maintenance staff.

The TRAP area will also be used by pods, with a rotating schedule. The environment will be arranged to maintain adequate social distance (minimum 1.5 meters / 6 feet) and the whole group will wash hands before and after the session.

Chairs and drums will be disinfected after each class. The area will maintain adequate ventilation and shoes will be disinfected upon entry. Once a week this classroom will be sterilized with antibacterial UV lamps for 10 minutes. The UV radiation emitted by this special equipment does not pass through solid barriers (wood, glass, gypsum, block, mirror, etc), so it is perfectly safe to use.

Access to the campus is restricted to avoid excessive flow and possible contact with a greater number of people. Only the IMAGINE staff and students will be allowed on campus. All parent meetings and workshops will be held virtually.


At IMAGINE, we are dedicated to living a present and building a future with you, and for you.

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